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Ellivo Architects Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Brisbane, Australia

This home, constructed in a simple style, was designed by Ellivo Architects in 2017. It is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and has an area of 2,115 square meters.

With a beautiful exterior with stone and glass walls and a wooden ceiling, if we can be sure of anything, it is that this home does not go unnoticed.

A fantastic entrance welcomes us, perfectly taken care of in all aspects. Going upstairs, we find an internal courtyard, well-cared gardens covered with small stones, and a fireplace in the center. On the sides, the glass walls give a complete view of an interior where all details have been perfectly taken care of.

Stairs leading to the main entrance
Beautiful interior area. Glass walls and fireplace

In its spacious and open interior converge, in perfect harmony, living room and kitchen – an open space, full of light and with stunning views. The modern and spacious kitchen is done in white, with marble and wood walls. Over the counter, with a white marble top, hang two modern lamps.

In the other wing, away from the social areas and aiming for some privacy, are the bedrooms.

Internal view of the living room-kitchen. At the far end, views of the river
Modern kitchen in white with walls and countertop in white veined marble
Garage with vintage cars
Night view of the main entrance

The same could be said for the backyard. Green gardens, taken care of to the maximum, with beautiful stairs with glass railings – a perfectly illuminated area with terraces from where we can enjoy views of the river.

Spectacular night view of the back garden
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