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15 DIY Ideas How To Use Bamboo Creatively For Garden

Inspiring and creative ideas in 13 images, we share here. Find and save 13 DIY ideas how to use bamboo creatively for garden!

1. DIY bamboo swing in garden or backyard;

Swing and relax on this adorable bamboo swing. It’s handmade of bamboo tree and rope.

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2. DIY balcony bamboo railing;

Decorate your balcony in the best way. Use bamboo tree for DIY railing.

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3. DIY bamboo water fountain for outdoor;

Amazing water feature for our garden. Handmade.

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4. DIY bamboo frame for outdoor wall;

Spend your extra time for creating bamboo frame for outdoor living wall. Don’t spend money on buying wall frames, do it yourself in a few minutes.

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5. DIY bamboo trellis for garden;

Organize flowers and plants with bamboo trellis in garden. Easy project that you could do it no time.

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6. DIY bamboo outdoor shower room;

Easy and cheap DIY bamboo shower room for outdoor. Do it yourself and refresh yourself these days.

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7. DIY bamboo garden living wall;

Bamboo fence or bamboo garden wall for amazing exterior. Living wall for your spectacular garden.

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8. DIY bamboo stand for hammock;

Bamboo stand for outdoor hammock. Find and save idea for you.

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9. DIY bamboo bed for resting outdoor;

What you need for relaxing is bamboo bed. Motivate yourself.

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10. DIY bamboo planter for garden;

Plant flowers in a bamboo craft planter.

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11. DIY bamboo torch light for outdoor party;

Beautify your outdoor party with bamboo torches. Take a glimpse for inspiration.

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12. DIY bamboo spiral garden;

Create spiral garden made of bamboo tree.

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13. Large DIY bamboo wind chimes for backyard.

Perfect idea for creating musical backyard. Just make bamboo wind chimes.

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14. Bamboo is strong enough to compose  a bench


15. use bamboo and pope to carete a towel holding ladder for your


15. Recycle old pallets and fil them with Bamboo to create your garden fence 

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