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20 Amazing DIY Tree Log Projects for Your Garden

Tree logs and fallen tree trunks are great materials for nature-inspired garden decorations. They will add rustic touch to your garden and will be also fabulous centerpieces for garden landscaping. So if you have some tree logs laying around your home, you should make good use of them in a creative way.

1. Big Sliced Tree Logs as Garden Benches


2. Build a Tree Log Slice Walkway

3. Wood Log Planters

Wood Log Planters


4. Garden Bench from Two Tree Log and a Piece of Tree Log Slice

Garden Bench

5. Raised Garden Beds from Logs


6. Log Stairs on a Slope Garden

7. Wooden Tree Logs Turned Into an Exotic Coffee Table

8. Tree Log Fence


9. Swinging the Rustic Way

10. Wooden Log Forest Toadstools

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11. Stunning Tree Log Garden Gate

12. Dining Table from a Fallen Tree

13. Swing for Your Chickens

Swing for Your Chickens


14. Succulent Planters Rotted Tree Trunk Pieces


15. Fallen Tree Log Couch

16. Cracked Log Lamps


17. Vertical Log Retaining Wall

18. Wooden Logs Arbor


19. DIY Log Fountain

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