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Ultimate Gardening Tips for Spring

As spring approaches and we wave goodbye to those chilly wintery months it’s time once more to turn our attention and our green thumbs to some fine tuning in the garden (Ultimate Gardening Tips for Spring). Aside from the essentials such as a little pruning here and there, making sure your lawns are well cut, cleaned up and weed free and some all round tender loving care your garden can be reborn for the spring season. But of course there is plenty of other gardening tips and advice that could help you to recreate the visual appeal of your garden area and help you to inject a little creativity into your surroundings.

Time for a Spring Clean

It’s imperative to ensure that everything in your garden is readily prepared for the forthcoming spring months following its neglect during the winter time. Tidy up your shrubs, bushes and trees to lighten certain areas to make sure the sun hits all the right spots in your garden. Even taking a little time to clean your gardening tools will pay dividends.

Weeding Things Out

If you have a number of weeds poking their way through your greenery in your garden then there’s no better time than to rip them out. The roots will be shallow and easily removable.

Paving the Way

Whilst the natural side of your garden will be blooming this spring after a much needed clean-up you mustn’t overlook the other items in your garden. Wash down your paving tiles, ornaments and other outdoor décor.

Time to Veg Out

If you’re self-sufficient or interested in growing your own vegetables then once spring is upon us and the soil becomes more workable, then it’s the ideal time to plant a number of popular spring vegetables like spinach, lettuce and leeks.

Gates and Fencing

Introducing an eye-catching fixture such as a set of attractive fences or a uniquely outstanding gate design, will frame your garden area and help to envelop your new spring garden. If you already something similar in place then give it a spruce up or a new paint job to help freshen things up.

Preparing for Summer

It may seem crazy to even be considering the summertime before spring has well and truly spring but it really is the best time of the year to plant a number of notable seeds and bulbs. Gladiolus and Lilies are just a couple of examples of some fantastic bulbs that flower perfectly in

those warm summer months

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