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20+ Rooms With A View You’d Like To Be Sitting In Right Now

A room with a view will always fetch a higher price, and for good reason: waking up with an expansive panorama, seaside horizon or beautiful forest vignette in your bedroom is about as good as it gets!

It’s interesting to note how window design affects these views as well. Some act like picture frames, while others take up the entire wall, making you feel like it’s not even there. Yet others complement or even add to the view with thematic frames or other design elements.Have you ever stayed in a room with a spectacular view like these? If so, add it to this list! If you live in one, well… go ahead and make us green with envy!

01. Zermatt, Switzerland

02. St.Lucia

03. New York ,USA

04. Amalfi, Coast Italy

05. Norway

06. Switzerland

07. South Africa

08. Scotland,Uk

09. Finland

10. USA

11. California

12. Finland

13. Sweden

14. Switzerland

15. Australia

16. Usa


17. Paris, France

18. Gloucester, Ma, Usa

19. Sydney, Australia

20. New York

21. Ecuador

Sebastian Crespo

22. New York, Usa

David Walentas

23. St. Martin

24. Brazil

Isay Weinfeld

25. Australia

Peter Bennetts

26. St. Lucia

27. Austria

28. California, Usa

Ken Hayden

29. Switzerland

30. Usa

31. Spain


33. Jade Mountain Resort, Hotel Room In The Caribbean

34. London

35. Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India

36. Australia

Katon Redgen Mathieson

37. New York, Usa

New York, UsaDavid Hotson Architect

38. Assos, Greece

39. Zero Carbon Houl House, Southern Scotland

40. Ibiza

41. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

42. Toronto Canada

43. My Backyard

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