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French Artist Creates Surreal Fantasy Universes Inspired By Hayao Miyazaki And Tim Burton

Amongst all the clinician psychologists in the world, no one probably stands a chance to beat France-based Ciryl Rolando at digital painting. Working under his artist’s name Aquasixio, he focuses his works around the emotional aspect of humans and the colors of life.Balancing somewhere between the fantasy and the surreal, Rolando himself describes the artwork he creates as otherworldly. “Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki are both the roots of my own world. I like the surrealism movement, especially the work of Boris Vian and his ‘Foam of the Daze’ (L’Ecume des jours),” Ciryl Rolando states on his DeviantArt profile. “I like the absurdity, the creativity and the enchanting universes, where colors bring more emotions than thousands smiles or million tears.”Rolando doesn’t just work with bright colors however – the artist’s stories are quite sad since “darkness of life is more inspiring than happy and safe people,” as he states. Take a look at Aquasixio’s digital paintings below to get to know his magical world.More info: DeviantArt

1. Meet Me Halfway


 2. The Hope


3. All My Studies

Bright-Lifestyle-AquaSixio-Digital-Art-34. Calypso


 5 .Focus On Yourself

Focus On Yourself

6. I Miss You


7. You Belong To Me


8 .Show Me Love

Show Me Love

9 .Face The Unknown

Face The Unknown

10. A Painting As A Door

A Painting As A Door11. Us


12. Dandelions


13. Feral Strings

Feral Strings

14. Missed Deadlines

Missed Deadlines

15 .After The Rain


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