20+ Rooms With A View You’d Like To Be Sitting In Right Now

A room with a view will always fetch a higher price, and for good reason: waking up with an expansive panorama, seaside horizon or beautiful forest vignette in your bedroom is about as good as it gets! It's interesting to note how window design affects these views as well. Some act

15 DIY Ideas How To Use Bamboo Creatively For Garden

Inspiring and creative ideas in 13 images, we share here. Find and save 13 DIY ideas how to use bamboo creatively for garden! 1. DIY bamboo swing in garden or backyard; Swing and relax on this adorable bamboo swing. It’s handmade of bamboo tree and rope. Photo via www.instructables.com 2. DIY balcony bamboo railing; Decorate your balcony