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15 Utterly Gorgeous Manicure Ideas To Make Your Short Nails Look Amazing

A beautiful manicure can play just as important a role in allowing a lady to achieve the perfect appearance as her the way she dresses, her hairstyle or what (and how much much) make-up she puts on.

But not all ladies can afford or enjoy having long nails. That’s why we at Bright Side picked out some absolutely charming manicure ideas that look perfect on short nails.

A luxurious lavender hue

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-1Nashalady

Pastel shades

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-2Pinterest

The black and white ’moon’ manicure

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-3Pinterest

Refreshing cool shades

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-4Secretocotidiano

Glamorous leopard print

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-5Royalenails

Bright yellow

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-6Blogspot

Pale pink and white

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-7Pinterest

A gorgeous ornamental pattern

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-8Pinterest

A rich wine colour

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-9Pinterest

Marine style

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-10Pinterest

A delicate flower pattern

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-11Blogtrangdiem

Cheerful spotted nails

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-12Fashiontime

Striking black and silver

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-13Cluki

Charming purple shades

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-14Bestmanikyur

A subtle and cosy nail design

Stunning -pastel- manicure- Ideas-Bright-Lifestyle-15Nailgid

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