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Decorative Wall Niches That Will Spice Up Your Home

 Today I have prepared for you an amazing collection of Decorative Wall Niches That Will Spice Up Your Home. Wall niches are ornamental recesses in the walls which you may use to put many decorative elements. Nowadays, they have become pretty popular in the modern home interiors. Hence, if you are looking for something that will change the atmosphere in your hoe for better, check out the following collection.

Floor To Ceiling Niches

bright-lifestyle-decorative-wall-niches-that-will-amaze-you-1 IMAGE VIA: Source

Staircase Decorative Niches

Probably many will agree that the space on your staircase is not is not that used. However, everything will be changed if you incorporate wall niches. In addition, if you add a lighting solution, you will get a wonderful decoration on your walls that will make a statement.

bright-lifestyle-decorative-wall-niches-that-will-amaze-you-2IMAGE VIA: Source

Kitchen Wall Decorative Niches

It is a fact that the kitchen is the room that we are using the most, so why don’t you decorate it in the way that you like? These wall decorative solution may find their perfect spot in the kitchen. In order to get the feeling, see the picture below.



Living Room Decorative Niches

If you love book shelves, these ideas will work for you the best. For all book lovers, wall decorative niches would be your perfect choice. Below you will see how this idea might look in your living room.

bright-lifestyle-decorative-wall-niches-that-will-amaze-you-4IMAGE VIA:Source

Great Wall Niche Decorating Ideas Pics - Wall Decor Gallery

 IMAGE VIA: Source

Hallway Niche

 IMAGE VIA: Source

What do you think about a dramatic statement on the walls in your hallway? It means that if you have a big hallway, these decorative wall solutions will definitely spice up your interior. This will create more welcoming atmosphere as well.



bright-lifestyle-decorative-wall-niches-that-will-amaze-you-8 IMAGE VIA:Source

Scattered Wall Niches



bright-lifestyle-decorative-wall-niches-that-will-amaze-you-10IMAGE VIA: Source

Lighting Wall Niches


 IMAGE VIA: Source

Bathroom Wall Niches

Who is in for a relaxing getaway in your own bathroom!!!! You may definitely enjoy the below beauty if you just think of incorporating wall decorative niches. In this way, you may use the space for relaxing candles that will bring you the enjoyment that you need.

decorative-wall-niches-that-will-amaze-you12 IMAGE VIA:Source

Bedroom Decorative Niches


 IMAGE VIA: Source

Colorful Decorative Niches

Here are some cool examples of colorful niches as colors bring fun in the interior. Enjoy in the lively atmosphere and feel it cool ever day.


 IMAGE VIA: Source

If you love souvenirs and if you have lots of them, these ideas will work for you the best. You walls will be a display of your memorable moments. In the following picture you may see how delightful this may look.


 IMAGE VIA: Source

So, how did you find my decorative wall niches for your home? Aren’t they lovely? Which one is your favorite? We made this collection to give you great ideas how to redecorate your dream home with something cool and creative. Feel free to share your comments with us. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Feel It Cool to find many other great home decor ideas. Until our next post – ‘Follow your heart and stay cool’

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