Top 31 DIY Ideas to Build a Firepit on Budget

You know that the best summer nights or a cozy evening even in cold weather always involve your family, your best friends, roasting marshmallows and an inviting place that encourages good conversation. A fire pit is that great space will bring excitement, warmth and atmosphere to your backyard, deck or

Perfect Ways to Decorate Outdoor Space with Wooden Tiles

If you love the look of hardwood and want to make your brutal outdoor space cozy and warm, you can create a beautiful wooden tile flooring for your garden, yard or balcony. Wooden tiles are great option when you want to add texture and interest to your small outdoor space;

Intelligent Ideas How To Save Indoor And Outdoor Space

I’ve been thinking that you would like to find ideas about how to save space at home, but also for outside place. This is very important for those who have small homes. I invite you to take a glimpse in 11 intelligent ideas how to save space indoor and outdoor. Save space

15 Outdoor Conversation Pits Built For Entertaining

Outdoor conversation pits are a cozy way to connect with the outdoors and make use of valuable yard space. They foster meaningful conversations, the sharing of stories, and provide a perfect spot for lounging and relaxing. Here are 15 stunning examples of outdoor conversation pits. 1. Stone and wood circle this fire